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1:1 Coaching 

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Unlock Your Full Potential With A 1:1 Working Session with Lukas J.M. Stangl

Welcome to this new chapter of your personal and professional development! In collaboration with Motivational Lines, we're thrilled to offer exclusive Peak Performance coaching sessions with the renowned coach Lukas J.M. Stangl.

What is Peak Performance Coaching?

Peak Performance Coaching is designed to elevate your game, no matter your field or profession. Whether you’re a 6,7, or 8-figure CEO trying to reach the next milestone, a business professional seeking to drive your team to new heights, or anyone looking to overcome personal barriers, our tailored 1:1 sessions will empower you to: Discover your hidden talents and learn how to leverage them.

Unlock Your Full Potential! 

  • Set Achievable Goals: Break down your ambitions into actionable steps.

  • Become a top 1% performer: Implement proven strategies aligned with your unique needs to reach your goals.

  • Boost Confidence & Resilience: Learn to face challenges with courage and bounce back from setbacks.

  • Enhance Work-Life Balance: Find harmony between your professional and personal life.

Your Benefits:

Lukas is a performance coach who's helped countless individuals reach their peak. His approach is compassionate, personalized, and driven by results. 

By working with Lukas, you can expect the following:


  1. Tailored Coaching Session: Designed just for you, focusing on your specific goals and needs.

  2. Real-world Experience & Expertise: Benefit from Lukas's extensive experience and innovative coaching techniques.

  3. Access to Exclusive Resources: Tools, exercises, and insights you won't find anywhere else.

About Lukas J.M. Stangl

Lukas is a strategy consultant who writes about high-performance living and personal growth. He guides and mentors corporate high achievers, athletes, 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 professionals, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve outstanding results.

Lukas is dedicated to finding ways to unlock and maximize human potential by extensively studying strategies for excellence. Drawing wisdom from his work with clients, mentors, books, and scientific research, Lukas has gained profound insights that enable him to help others achieve a life they never believed was possible.

With his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Lukas has risen to become one of the top 1% ranked employees at Google, a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication. However, he doesn't keep this knowledge to himself. He is committed to sharing his expertise and empowering you to reach your fullest potential.

Are you ready to unlock your peak life? Take the leap and join us in this extraordinary journey toward success and fulfillment. Book your consultation now and let Lukas J.M. Stangl guide you to greatness.

Peak Performance Coaching - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who works with a performance coach?

Peak performance coaching is suitable for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, executives, and anyone looking to enhance their overall performance in a specific area of life. Whether you want to develop your personal growth or professional success, a performance coach will guide and support you in your journey.

Why hire a performance coach?

Hiring a performance coach can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, set attainable goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. A coach offers guidance, accountability, and expertise to help you move beyond barriers and reach new heights.

How is this different from consulting, therapy, or having a supportive friend?

Unlike consultants who provide specific solutions or therapists who deal with mental health issues, a performance coach helps you find your own solutions and focuses on future improvements. A supportive friend is beneficial, but a coach provides professional guidance, unbiased feedback, and structured plans tailored to your needs.

Does the coach work on personal or professional goals?

Peak Performance Coaching is designed to address both personal and professional goals.

What is your “focus”?

We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our approach accordingly. We strive for results that bring positive and lasting change in your life.

Why does it work?

Peak Performance Coaching works because it is personalized, goal-oriented, and action-driven. We work together to set clear goals, develop strategies, and regularly review progress. This structured approach ensures consistent growth and success.

What ‘coaching model’ do you use?

We use a combination of coaching models tailored to your specific situation and goals. These include co-active coaching and strategies from positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral coaching, and other evidence-based approaches.

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality very seriously. All discussions and information shared during coaching sessions are kept private and secure. Your trust is paramount to us, and we adhere to strict ethical guidelines to protect your privacy.

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