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  • Instagram is a website dedicated to providing readers with motivational materials and resources for personal and professional success. With an emphasis on productivity, mental health, leadership, motivation, and more, we regularly post articles to help individuals achieve their goals in life while also inspiring them to be better versions of themselves every day. was founded by Karthik K in 2017 after he experienced some struggles that led him down a path of self-discovery, which inspired him to share his experiences with others through his writing. Our mission is to help others find the motivation they need to live every day fully! aims not only to provide information but also to show individuals from all walks of life how they can achieve a better life by working through any obstacles they face regularly.

Currently, more than 170,000+ people follow on LinkedIn; if you would like to reach an audience interested in self-improvement, leadership coaching, mental health coaching, and more, please get in touch with us.

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