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How Do You Show Staff Appreciation in COVID?

How do you show staff appreciation during Covid? This is a question that many organizations are struggling with right now. There are many ways to show appreciation, but not all will work in every situation. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

10 Ways To Show Appreciation For Staff During COVID-19

  1. Reward Your Staff for Every Achievement

  2. Send Out Handwritten Thank You Notes

  3. Give Employees More Time To Accomplish Challenging Tasks

  4. Don’t Micromanage

  5. Help Less Experienced Workers Improve

  6. Celebrate Milestones Together!

  7. Check-in with Employees when they Need it Most

  8. Keep Employees Informed about Layoffs and Furloughs

  9. Make Meetings More Fun with Surprises

  10. Inspire with Company Culture

10 Ways to Show Staff Appreciation During COVID-19

Help your employees get through the pandemic by showing how much you care about them! The easiest way to show your employees that you recognize and value their work is to reward them every time they achieve something. You can even set up an employee of the month or year program, so there are always goalposts to meet!

1) Reward Your Staff for Every Achievement

Whether small or big, any achievement is worth celebrating! Make sure to acknowledge your staff with rewards. Rewards don’t have to be monetary; you can also give out prizes and gift cards. At the very least, give your staff a verbal commendation.

2) Send Out Handwritten Thank You Notes

If you want to make your employees feel valued, send them handwritten notes. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a short message saying thank you! Even better than sending out letters is speaking face-to-face. When you appreciate someone in person, it shows that you care. If there’s no time for that, use the “old school” way of writing notes or through the one-to-one virtual meeting.

3) Give Employees More Time To Accomplish Challenging Tasks

One of the best ways to show your employees that you appreciate them is by giving them more time to do work. It will help them feel more relaxed, which in turn will boost their performance. You can even give your employees extended lunch breaks or allow them to leave early on Fridays.

4) Don’t Micromanage

Micromanaging is one of the worst things you can do to an employee. It’s not only annoying but it also makes them feel like you don’t trust them. If this happens repeatedly, they will lose motivation to perform well at work! Showing appreciation towards your staff means trusting in their ability to handle tasks responsibly.

5) Help Less Experienced Workers Improve

If you have relatively new staff, then be patient with them when teaching new skills and sharing knowledge. They need time to adjust, so giving them the support they need is important. You can even mentor them or share how you’ve learned in your career.

6) Celebrate Milestones Together!

Make sure that everyone gets to celebrate milestones and accomplishments, not just management members. There’s nothing like celebrating success together as a team; it will strengthen relationships among coworkers!

7) Check-In With Employees When They Need It Most

If an employee is going through a difficult time, check in with them. Make it a habit to ask if they’re okay and offer your help in any way you can. You can give them paid leave or let them finish off their workday early so that they have more time to relax.

8) Keep Employees Informed About Layoffs And Furloughs

The consequences of COVID-19 are becoming increasingly apparent as we approach two months of social distance, and problems like layoffs and furloughs begin to surface. Keep your staff informed about workplace layoffs and furloughs.

Talk to employees with a sense of caring and compassion. Instead of attempting to circumnavigate the situation, businesses dealing with job losses should face it head-on. Your staff will appreciate your honesty and find strength in knowing you are honest with them.

9) Make Meetings More Fun With Surprises

When virtual meetings get boring, surprises can add some extra fun to the mix. You can randomly have a meeting planner or virtual host distribute virtual gifts to employees. It’s a great way to spark some excitement during monotonous work hours!

10) Inspire With Company Culture

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to become remote. Many employees who found value in working from home once all this is over may want remote working forever. Consider allowing more of your staff to work remotely if that is feasible. Alternatively, offer one or two days a week where staff may work from home if this is useful for them.


Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. You need them to make continual progress in your organization. After all, an organization is nothing without its human resources. Keep your employees motivated and engaged by showing appreciation for their work.

Show appreciation to your employees in ways that align with the company culture you want to cultivate. By implementing any of these tips, you’ll have a higher chance of creating a more productive workforce while fostering a more positive environment.