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How Do You Measure Success: 7 New And Better Ways

Climbing a mountain can be a metaphor for business success. It takes hard work, endurance, and good strategy to get up the mountain wall safely. The climb is slow going when you make your way up using traditional methods of measuring success.

In this article, I present seven new and better ways to measure your progress. It will help you scale the steps much faster and with much more significant results. After all, isn’t that what being wildly successful means?

You have climbed high enough to have a better viewpoint to take in the landscape surrounding you. The results are astounding, yet not so difficult after all, once these tools are at your disposal.

The success that has been measured by the time it takes to reach a goal is no longer appropriate if you want to be wildly successful. Thus, the idea of using traditional measurements is outdated and even counterproductive at times.

These are times when creativity, innovation, and outside-the-box thinking are essential pieces of the success puzzle. If you struggle with where to go next or get there faster, the following seven measurements may help.

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Ways To measure success in life and business:

1. How many do you serve?

You can measure success by the number of people you help reach their goals, overcome obstacles, and improve their lives somehow. For example, if each person improves their life in some way by doing business with you, then you are wildly successful.

2. What have you created?

Success is measured by what you have done for others rather than for yourself. When your actions focus on creating something for another person or giving them what they need to accomplish a task or goal, this creates value for both parties involved.

If you create value, then others will pay money for your products and services. By making a profit, you are wildly successful.

3. How many people do you empower?

If empowering others creates wealth for them and empowers you in the process, then it’s likely that everyone will be wildly successful in this scenario.

When you empower others, a domino effect occurs that will open up new opportunities for all involved.

4. What have you invented?

Success is measured by what you can give to others rather than what you can take from them. Therefore, your focus should be on solving a problem or inventing something that changes lives for the better.

Einstein said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” This curiosity to solve problems and create inventions will open up a world of opportunity for you.

5. How many people do you mentor?

Successful mentors become wildly successful by using a straightforward process: Teach those who want to learn from you, don’t sell those who don’t need your help yet.

Your teaching efforts must provide value to produce results that sustain your career and business over time. The key is to continue to offer the same message over and over again in different ways.

Even though you will be tempted to create new products, programs, courses, services, etc., this doesn’t mean you should abandon the old stuff. Instead, repackage it periodically so that your fan base doesn’t lose interest.

6. How many people do you serve without pay?

Success is measured by what you can give back to others rather than what you can take from them. Therefore, your focus should be on helping those who have a need but lack resources or financial backing of their own.

If you help someone for free at first, and then they become a paying customer later due to your efforts, then both parties will likely benefit from the arrangement. So, in the long run, your generosity will be rewarded.

7. What drives you?

Success is not measured by what others think of you but by how you feel about yourself deep down inside. Therefore, it’s essential that you enjoy what you do for a living and is congruent with your values and beliefs over time.

Successful people have their priorities straight in this regard. They know if they are doing something to make money or to help others at the same time. If you feel good about what you do in life daily in a consistent way with your true self, then success is likely to follow as a natural result of this decision.

How many goals have been accomplished? Focusing on this question alone is a much better test of your level of success than focusing on the opinions and statements of others. By asking yourself this question repeatedly, you will always remain driven to succeed rather than settle for mediocrity or failure.

Final Thoughts:

I hope these new ways of measuring success will inspire you to strive for higher goals over time. The more specific your goal, the greater your chances are of actually achieving it.

It’s important not to measure success by what other people are doing or have attained in their lives because this can create feelings of envy and jealousy that can drive you to do things that might sabotage your efforts.

Instead, it’s essential to focus on what you are doing that adds value to your life today and keeps you moving in the direction of where you want to be tomorrow.

Do these seven new ways of measuring success motivate you? Comment below!

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