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15 Commitments Of Conscious Leadership That Will Change Your Life

What if you could change your life by changing your leadership style? According to David Marquet, it’s possible. In his book “Turn the Ship Around!”, Marquet outlines 15 commitments of conscious leadership that can help you succeed professionally and personally. These commitments range from staying humble to being willing to experiment, but they all have one common goal: empowering those around you. If you want to make a real difference in your life, adopt these commitments and see what happens!

What is Conscious Leadership?

Before diving into the commitments, let’s first define conscious leadership. In short, it’s a style of leadership that focuses on developing yourself and others so that everyone can reach their full potential. It’s about creating an environment where people can take risks, experiment, and learn. And it’s about leading with humility, compassion, and respect.

What is a Conscious Leader?

A conscious leader is aware of their thoughts, emotions, and actions and takes responsibility for them. They also know their impact on others and are committed to making a positive difference. Lastly, conscious leaders are always learning and growing; they never stop trying to improve themselves or their organizations.

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Conscious leaders make a series of commitments to themselves and those around them. These commitments are designed to help everyone reach their full potential and create a more positive, productive, and empowering work environment. Here is a summary of 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership That Will Change Your Life

  1. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

  2. Listen more than you speak.

  3. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

  4. Communicate with clarity and compassion.

  5. Agree to disagree without judgment or interpretation.

  6. Be authentic in your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

  7. Take responsibility for your life and your happiness.

  8. Follow through on your commitments.

  9. Practice self-care every day.

  10. Foster a growth mindset in yourself and in those around you.

  11. Lead with purpose.

  12. Be flexible and adaptable to change.

  13. Live in the solution, not the problem.

1. Stay Humble

One of the most important commitments of conscious leaders is to stay humble. This doesn’t mean you should never celebrate your successes; it simply means that you should never let your ego get in the way of your ability to lead. When you’re humble, you can listen to and learn from others. You’re also more likely to be compassionate and open-minded, two essential leadership qualities.

2. Be Willing to Experiment

Conscious leaders always look for new ways to improve themselves and their organizations. They’re willing to take risks and experiment with new ideas, even without guaranteeing success. This commitment allows them to learn and grow from their mistakes, ultimately making them better leaders.

3. Put People First

Conscious leaders know that their success depends on the success of those around them. They’re committed to putting people first, creating an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. Putting people first makes you more likely to create a loyal and engaged team passionate about their work.

4. Be Transparent

Conscious leaders are transparent with their thoughts, emotions, and actions. They understand that being open and honest creates trust and respect, both essential for effective leadership.

5. Communicate Clearly

Conscious leaders know that communication is key to success. They try to communicate clearly and concisely, so there’s no room for misinterpretation. This commitment ensures everyone is on the same page and can work together effectively.

6. Be Authentic

Conscious leaders are authentic in their thoughts, emotions, and actions. They’re true to themselves and their values, which allows them to build trust and respect with those around them.

7. Value Diversity

Conscious leaders know that diversity is essential for innovation and growth. They’re committed to valuing diversity in all forms and creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected.

8. Promote Inclusion

Conscious leaders promote inclusion by inviting everyone to participate in the decision-making process. They know that diverse perspectives lead to better decisions, and they’re open to hearing different points of view. This commitment ensures that everyone feels valued and respected.

9. Practice Self-Care

Conscious leaders know they can’t lead effectively if they’re not caring for themselves. They’re committed to practicing self-care to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. This commitment allows them to show up as their best selves and be fully present for their team.

10. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Conscious leaders know that emotional intelligence is essential for effective leadership. They’re committed to developing their emotional intelligence to understand better and manage their emotions. This commitment also makes them more aware of their emotions’ impact on others.

11. Foster a Growth Mindset

Conscious leaders know that a growth mindset is essential for success. They’re committed to fostering a growth mindset in themselves and those around them. This commitment allows them to learn from their mistakes and continuously improve themselves and their organizations.

12. Be Present

Conscious leaders know they can’t lead effectively if they’re absent. They’re committed to being present in the moment to focus on what’s happening around them fully. This commitment allows them to be more aware of their thoughts and emotions and the needs of those around them.

13. Lead with Purpose

Conscious leaders know that their purpose is bigger than themselves. They’re committed to leading to inspire and motivate those around them. This commitment allows them to create a positive impact in the world and to make a difference in the lives of others.

14. Be Flexible

Conscious leaders know that things can change at any time. They’re committed to being flexible to adapt to whatever comes their way. This commitment makes them more responsive and nimble, essential in today’s constantly changing world.

15. Live in the Solution

Conscious leaders know that problems are a part of life. They’re committed to living in the solution, focusing on what’s working and finding creative ways to solve challenges. This commitment allows them to be more positive and proactive, essential for effective leadership.

Final Thoughts:

These are the 15 commitments of conscious leadership that will change your life. By following these commitments, you’ll be on your way to becoming a more effective and inspiring leader. Remember, consciousness is a journey, not a destination. So keep learning and growing, and let your conscious leadership shine through.

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